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Take advantage of an original environment to surprise your collaborators, friends or children by proposing to discover indoor climbing. Have an unforgettable moment !

Our team MurMur Escalade will listen your requirements for making the event to your image. Adaptability, flexibility and creativity for the success of your project.

Do not wait any longer to organize a professional or private event !


An original way to celebrate the birthday of your marmoset (from 8 years old) and awaken their nature of climber !

  • 2 hours of framed climbing + equipment rental
  • 1 taste available after spending time on our walls
  • Access to the climbing gym under the supervision of parents after class time


Climbing, a friendly team-building activity, to boost the productivity of your employees.

  • Team building
  • Seminar
  • Role play
  • Party meal


A typical formula : a climbing session to start, followed by a sauna or a Jacuzzi and finally, a visit to the bar.

  • Theme evening
  • Bachelorette party
  • Engagement (or divorce)


Climbing is a global body activity, accessible to anyone with autonomy of movement with or without technical aids. In addition to these effects on the balance, climbing, arriving at the top, rising above the ground, is an original and motivating activity, an opportunity of physical pleasure and gratification for those whose body is too often source of incapacity and constraint. The attractive and playful nature of the activity as a global re-education technique thus develops motor and functional abilities. The shared risk-taking dimension contributes to the development of emotional mastery and trust in others.

  • Organize a climbing activity with a playful and/or re-educational orientation close to different disabled publics.
  • Identify the basics of adapted climbing in order to intervene actively in the supervision of the activity.
  • Adapt the practice of climbing by the organization of structures and the choice of adapted climbing holds.

Schools and associations

Climbing allows students to overcome their apprehension, overcome difficulty and accept failure. Activity mixes tactics and strategy in relation to the reading of the path, anticipation and memorization. Beyond these aspects, these are all the notions of relaxation, breathing, posture, displacement, balance, relationship with others and intensity management in the effort that must to be taken into account. The aim is to lead students towards autonomy and responsibility for the risks of climbing.

  • Making contact with the wall and discovering a new space.
  • Displacements and balance search.
  • Overcome apprehension and awareness in climbing.
  • Reading, placement, gestures and taking information.
  • Widening of the field of vision and risk taking.
  • Accept destabilization and emptiness.

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